1. Metal frame structure warehouse鈥檚 body is in a 鈥淟鈥?type;
2. Length 33m, width 20m, height 6.6m;
3. Our XGZ group engineers worked on-site to give technical guidance for its high demand;
4. Main frame: H steel columns and beams with galvanized C purlin;
5. Roof and wall material: 0.5mm white-grey sheeting;
6. Wind load: 0.75KN/銕★紱
7. This metal structure warehouse is used for flour production;
8. Project site: Gabon;
Metal frame structure buildings are becoming more popular as a choice for warehouse, storage, garages, hangars and even churches. Because of the strength steel structure actually is, this kind of buildings are more durable, stronger, and can withstand harsh climate (including hurricanes) and easy to erect, compared to conventional wood or brick buildings. With simple bolts-together prefrbricated construction, a steel building can even expand much more easier than traditional brick or wood. With it's clear span design, the steel building can offer more usable space, even 100%.
Metal frame structure building are an excellent choice as warehouse, it can provide inexpensive storage solutions for equipment, machinery, commodities and livestock, etc.. The buildings are fire resistant, termite resistant and vermin-proofing;
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