H500-Handheld ED-XRF Metal Analyzer
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EDXRF is the technology commonly used in portable analyzers. EDXRF instrumentation separates the characteristic x-rays of different elements into a complete fluorescence energy spectrum which is then processed for qualitative or quantitative analysis.
EDXRF technology is a convenient way to screen all kinds of materials for quick identification and quantification of elements from Magnesium (Mg) to Uranium (U).
EDXRF instruments may be either handheld or portable depending on user preference, making them the perfect tool for in-field analysis, and providing instant feedback to the user without the long trip to the laboratory. Low cost of ownership and rapid elemental analysis of any sample type make EDXRF an attractive front-end analysis tool
Handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers are proven analytical tools commonly used for the fast, easy, accurate, and nondestructive identification and analysis of metals and alloys. Common applications include metal alloy identification for quality control, scrap sorting and positive material identification (PMI), geochemistry for mining exploration and grade control, precious metal analysis, and hazardous elements screening for environmental, consumer goods, and restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) testing.
鈥?Performance. Choose an analyzer that incorporates the most advanced computer processing technology and ultra-low noise electronics, to enable higher X-ray counts per second to generate faster, more accurate, and more repeatable results.
鈥?Durability. Ensure that systems under consideration have been drop-tested and deliver high IP ratings of 64 or better for maximum uptime and a lower cost of ownership.
鈥?Ease of use. Look for systems with easy-to-read LCD touch-screen displays and an intuitive user interface that can be customized based on testing objectives.
鈥?Data management. You want systems that are WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled for real-time data sharing and cloud applications.
Technical specifications
Analytical MethodEnergy Dispersive X-ray fluorescence
PDA with touch screenCPU: 1G, System memory: 1G, standard 4G mass storage data, extended stored maximum support up to 32G, Large LCD touch screen, 1820x720 resolution
Intelligent AnalysisAutomatic select test mode based on sample matrix
Excitation Source50KV/200碌A 鈥?Ag/Rh end window integrated miniature X-ray tube and high voltage power supply
Collimator & FilterMultiple Collimator and filters with automatic switching functions
DetectorSilicon Drift Detector (SDD)
Detector ResolutionUp to 125eV
Sample StatesSolids, liquids, powders
Elemental RangeAtomic numbers between 12 (Mg) and 92 (U)
Detection Limit1 鈥?500ppm, depending on element and sample matrix
Analysis Time3-60 seconds
Simultaneous AnalysisDisplays up to 40 elements at a time
Display Rangeppm 鈥?99.99%
Sample View SystemHigh-resolution integrated camera
ConnectivityUSB, GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
SafetyAutomatic shutdown of X-ray tube, Pb-lined instrument frame,radiation levels within international safety standards
Power SupplyRechargeable Li battery, standard 9000mAh, provides up to 12 hours operation on a single charge; 110/220V universal adapter for charging
Temperature-20潞C to +50潞C
Weight1.75 kg
For manufacturers in a wide variety of sectors, including aerospace, automotive, fabricated metals, and medical device, handheld XRF analyzers provide fast (less than 2 seconds for most alloys) verification of metal alloys such as:
鈥?Carbon steel
鈥?Super alloys
Test Performance of the Stainless Steel-304
Instrument model锛欻-500 Handheld XRF AnalyzerSample:Stainless Steel 304
Test Time:30 seconds
No. of ReadingCalibration CurveCr %Mn %Fe %Ni %Cu %Mo %
1High Alloy steel17.84840.887170.22618.23041.10980.3151
2High Alloy steel17.94180.878270.16908.14221.12110.3097
3High Alloy steel17.92520.894070.16208.22461.07380.3086
4High Alloy steel18.01370.833770.18498.13791.08790.3101
5High Alloy steel17.93640.859170.27908.14501.11000.3099
6High Alloy steel17.92630.908870.19028.17311.09230.3071
7High Alloy steel17.90670.881670.15128.23901.06820.3129
8High Alloy steel17.94190.892870.10788.19661.10870.3103
9High Alloy steel17.94420.893970.14698.22231.07890.3113
10High Alloy steel17.91740.874670.19148.23741.12090.3090
Standard Deviation Sn0.04070.02120.04690.04170.01950.0023
What is XRF Analyzer
XRF analyzers work by measuring the secondary X-ray emissions of a given sample when that sample is excited by a primary X-ray source. In this way, the chemical signatures of the sample鈥檚 elemental composition are revealed. Known as spectrometry, this type of analysis is important for anyone needing to quickly and efficiently inspect metals and alloys.
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