Technical Parameters
(1) Power supply: three-phase five-wire system AC380V +/-10%.
(2) Frequency: 50HZ +/-5%
(3) Rated power: 12*4KW. Output per channels: 4KW. Machine output: 48KW
(4) Signal interface: DMX512/1990
(5) Digital dimming range: 1%-100%. Knob dimming range: 1%-100%
(6) The ambient temperature is 0 degrees Celsius-40 degrees Celsius. Humidity: 20%-90%
Panel Introduction
Panels on both sides of the four holes for the installation of a fixed combination of holes Cabinets.
The left panel for overload protection and high short-circuit double break switch 32A air 6, from left to right separately connect into output loop. Air switch hit to on is connect, off is disconnect. Rated current of 32A, the load will flow back to a passing instant turn-off, play a protective effect.
The middle part for the control panel has eight bright green LED and a green highlight paragraph three digital tube, 1 ~ 6 for the loop control signal indicator light, The representative of the level of light brightness signal size, brightness of the more light, the greater the signal, CPU work with light, CPU normal working hours, the indicator light flashes. DMX signal indicator with normal access DMX signal indicator light flashes.銆愨柤銆慳nd銆愨柌銆慳re setting key, Click button to modify the settings.銆怑nter銆慺or the menu and confirm key, this key, the option menu and enter the settings, to confirm settings.
3.1.4 The right is the 1-6 loop panel dimmer knobs.
Backboard Introduction
1-6 after the board left is to connect the load circuit blocks. From the upper left corner of the first loop about to embark on the up and down the order with. Three-phase power circuit with the input of the circuit relations for the corresponding A-phase 1,4, 2,5 correspond to B-phase loop, loop 3,6 of the corresponding C.
After the middle board cooling fan. The right is the whole control of the fan switch Lamp. Block control board insurance. DMX signal input Block. The use of five-pin XLR-core and pore Block. DMX input and output signals for use. The following is a signal ground terminal block (PE)
3.2.3 After the board is the whole right side of the power input block. AC380V power supply from the right of access, followed by A phase. B-phase. C phase. NChina Dimmer Pack suppliers