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This training is very suitable for professionals (and studious horse owners) to explore the theme of healthy / natural horse nutrition.

Themes part 1:

• Domesticated horses VS. wild horses

• Digestive physiology

• Food, all possible raw materials, ingredients and types of food are reviewed

• How does the metabolism work and how are the substances in the food used by the body

• What is healthy food for the horse (hay management, mineral nutrition, balancers, concentrates)

Themes part 2:

• Why do our horses develop „lifestyle diseases“ like excess weight or skin affections?

• How does „detoxification“ work on a physiological level?

• Liver and Kidney function explained

• Cryptopyrroluria (KPU) - a common health issue underlying many metabolic symptoms like sweet itch, laminitis etc

• How do you see that your horse has health problems and what are the early markers for metabolic problems

Themes part 3:

• Different primal types of horses and the influence of the primal qualities on the contemporary horse

• The difference between storage of waste in fat or connective tissue (and the consequences)

• The difference between fat, lymphatic or muscular horses (and how to manage them)

The advanced course is given by Dr. Christina Fritz. Christina is a biologist by origin and has done a lot of research into what healthy horse nutrition contains. As a result, she has written several books (see images) on these themes, all with scientific support.

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