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1. Do you wonder if your horse is getting the right and appropriate nutrition?
2. Do you wonder why certain complaints keep coming back?
3. Or do you wonder if your horse is in pain and where the pain is located or coming from?
Find out by getting the health check done!

* find out if your horse is getting too much or too little nutrition and if there are any deficiencies

* find out what diet suits the horse best, how much feed they need and for how long

* find out what herbs or supplements your horse needs

* find out if your horse has allergies

* find out where the horse has pain and where it is coming from

All of this includes:

1. A custom made herbal mix which will last you for 5 weeks

2. You will receive a document which shows you where the horse has pain

3. You will receive nutritional advise and a custom made nutrition plan

The Horse Therapist has a holistic approach when it comes to treating horses. We believe that every being is unique and each horse has their own needs. We do not treat the symptoms but we treat the underlying problem!

This health check will help you to find out how you can support your horse and how the horse is feeling both mentally and physically.

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