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County: Tipperary

Shamrock Revive is a seaweed based one sachet remedy for horses and foals. It is an ACE ( Animal, Consumer and Environmentally friendly) product.

Shamrock Revive is used for two main reasons :Re-hydration & Diarrhoea.

This cost effective treatment corrects the pH, restores lost electrolytes, re-hydrates the animals and provides a source of energy. Our product contains a gastrointestinal buffer, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It comes in 40 g sachet.


Foals: 1 sachet in 1 litre of warm water
Horses: 2 sachets in 2 litre of warm water
If symptoms persist, repeat dosage after 12 hours. In most cases one sachet will be enough to treat it.


1 sachet in 5 litre of water after the exercise.

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