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County: Tipperary

Shamrock Health Booster is a blend of freshly harvested seaweeds with added minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Each type of seaweed is blended in the correct proportion in order to enhance the health and well-being of horses. It is a powder based mineral added to the feed. The formulation of the product makes it suitable for all type of horses, from race-horses, to stallions, broodmares, event horses, old horses and foals.

Benefits & Features:

Totally natural product.
Improves gut health
Improves immune system
Increases stamina
Counteracts winter rain wash
Improves the absorption of the nutrients of then feed
Very palatable
Contains low levels of iodine
Improves condition of hooves
Improves fertility in brood mares
Strengthens bone structure
Counteracts copper deficiency
Improves appearance and general health
Convenient to add to the feed
No molasses

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