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County: Tipperary

Shamrock Equi-Li is a seaweed based fine powder to keep stables disinfected and reduces the odours in them. It contributes to overall hygiene in horses which are housed in stables. It creates a pH neutral floor environment which inhibits micro-organism growing. Shamrock Equi-Li is made from seaweed and contains a full range of trace elements, including iodine, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium and manganese which in turn will enhance the fertilizing value of the manure. Shamrock Equi-Li has a surface area which is significantly larger than any products on the market, which therefore can absorb both moisture and odours (eg. ammonia).

Benefits & Features:

Non irritant to both horse and user (products like lime can be dangerous to both)
Helps fight bacteria
Helps reduce odours
Helps breakdown of manure
Moisture is removed from the stable floors, therefore bacterial growth is inhibited
absorbs 5x more moisture than any other powder
Won't stick to stable mats ( easily brushed off)

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