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County: Tipperary

Shamrock Breath Easy is a seaweed-based horse lick that contains Eucalyptus. Shamrock Horse Breath Easy is a palatable seaweed-based supplement that contains all trace elements, minerals, vitamins and eucalyptus aimed at relieving respiratory congestion. Added Selenium and Vitamin E to enhance immunity. Shamrock Breath Easy also contain a gastrointestinal buffer. The natural antibacterial effect of the added Eucalyptus is aimed at relieving respiratory congestion. It will also prevent respiratory congestion. This nutritional supplement can be used on all horses, young to old. This bucket allows you to provide your horses with a continuous source of minerals, trace elements and vitamins while preventing coughs, pneumonia and other respiratory problems and helping with allergies...

Benefits & Features:

Seaweed Based
Gastrointestinal Buffer
Boost the Immune system
Improves the absorption of all nutrients available in the feeds
Prevent respiratory congestion
Free from natural occurring prohibited substances
No fillers
Low in molasses

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