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County: Wexford

📌📌📌I'm delighted to present our NEW supplements just coming in IRELAND and UK !!! 📌📌📌
💥 Certified suppliers and producers of high-quality natural ingredients
💥 Doping / Drug FREE
💥 HACCP, GMP, QS certification
🎯 Our products are distinguished by :
* Innovative A-101 Yarrowia lipolytica yeast strain, a source of exogeneous amino acids, citrulline malate, organic selenium, higher unsaturated fatty acids and numerous biologically active substances
* Omega -3 / -6 fatty acids
* Selection of common and rare herbs such as chokeberry, nettle herb, plantain leaf, anise, mint, chamomile, fennel, thyme, coriander, milk thistle, dandelion, wild rose black cumin, Echinacea, fenugreek, ginger
* Unique active substances
* Unprocessed ingredients
* Prebiotic- Probiotic
* High absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E & K
* High nutritional properties and high digestibility
* Toxic-free ingredients......
* High absorption of minerals and vitamins
* Original formulas
For orders or other inquires please contact official representative
for Ireland and UK
Una Davide
email: equinutriplan369@gmail.com
00 353 89 611 5181

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