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FIR is originally the abbreviation for Physical Ion Regulator. Due to its special properties, it has a regulating, facilitating function with regard to ions. In addition, FIR has a facilitating function for microorganisms. FIR-carbonclay has positive effects on fermentation, protein efficiency and intestinal health.


· Original FIR contains approx. 6x more humic acids.

· Many times finer than other carbonaceous minerals.

· Has been made dust-free, making it easier to process.

· Contains humic acids and carbon clay that can bind a large group of different toxins.

· Humic acid is not added but is naturally present.

Combining top sport with animal welfare:

· Better digestion and feed intake

· Soothing with sensitive abdomen / intestines

· Toxin binder from roughage

· Better resistance

· Dryer legs

· Stronger hooves

· Helps with diarrhea problems

· Healthier house climate

· Improve fertility

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