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County: Roscommon

The Equirelief mix is composed of herbs for the musculoskeletal system that can help with: inflammation, the promotion of flexible joints and aging symptoms. These herbs are individually measured on the horse, which makes it a unique product.

The Equirelief mix is designed to be given in addition to the regular herb mix, but can also be given separately. After ordering the Equirelief mix, the herbs are measured based on the information provided about the horse and a mix is then composed.

The Equirelief mix may contain herbs and products such as: blackcurrant (leaf), Boswellia resin, nettle, turmeric, devil's claw, ginger, glucosamine sulphate, meadowsweet, MSM, olive leaf, valerian root, willow, yucca, green tea, licorice root

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