1. What is HorsePay?

    HorsePay is an equine advertising platform, combined with a secure transaction method that provides a week long warranty. Read more.

  2. What’s in it for buyers?

    Paying for your new horse with HorsePAY means you can avail of a money back warranty of up to 2 weeks. The warranty is provided by holding the money in escrow until all parties are satisfied.  Read more.

  3. Whats in it for sellers?

    Selling using HorsePAY means you can provide a guarantee to your customer of up to 2 weeks, bringing confidence and security to the transaction. This allows you to achieve the price you deserve along with reducing the time it takes to sell your horse.  Read more.

  4. How do I prove that the horse is not as described?

    You, the buyer, organise a vet to re-assess the horse or pony and they will provide us with proof. Once your claim is verified, you get your money back. Read more.

  5. How do I know that my money will be safe in escrow?

    HorsePAY uses Stripe’s payment technology, the world’s most secure online payment gateway. Trustap’s secure transaction platform processes the warranty in order to ensure that your money is safe and secure while the transaction is taking place.  Read more.

  6. How long will it be before I am refunded?

    The vendor may agree immediately. Or alternatively, it may be necessary to arrange a vet to check your claim. If the vet agrees with your claim, your money is returned straight away. Normal bank transfer times to apply. Read more.

  7. What are the steps involved in getting a refund?

    In order for you to get a refund, you must first make a claim. To make this claim, go to our claims page here (link). You must give a refundable deposit of €50. The claim will be assessed and if it is verified, your money, along with your deposit will be returned to you.  Read more.

  8. How long have I got to make my decision about my new purchase?

    You can choose the length of warranty that suits both the buyer and seller, up to two weeks. You can make your decision during this period. Read more.